Deposit Protection

Your deposits are safeguarded by three levels of protection

Credit Unions

To provide protection against potential financial loss, the Credit Unions Act requires that each credit union maintain a level of equity in an amount not less than 5% of its total assets.



Risk Management Agency

Credit unions have pooled resources to establish a stabilization fund through the stabilization board. This level of protection is unique to these financial institutions. The stabilization board must maintain a fund amounting to not less than 1.5% of the assets of its member credit unions.

The stabilization fund may be used to provide financial assistance to member credit unions to meet equity requirements or to provide further protection against financial losses.

New Brunswick Credit Union Deposit
Insurance Corporation

NBCUDIC guarantees repayment up to $250,000 of eligible deposits held at a New Brunswick credit union, including accrued interest.

New Brunswick Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation
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